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Curriculum Development & Training Experts RM ( 7 /2017)



Curriculum Development & Training Experts
RM ( 7 /2017)
Horizons is a kaleidoscopic program that aims to support excellent and innovative Jerusalemite high school students in reaching the best higher education institutions in the world by enhancing their soft skills, giving them opportunities to access networks and information, supporting them in choosing their career path and preparing for admission.
Horizons is part of the broader Al Nayzak’s mission of building an innovative Palestinian society by investing in human capital for preparing the future generations of Palestinian leaders and strive for the socio-economic prosperity of Jerusalem and Palestine.
     Job Description:
§ The expert will be responsible for giving weekly training courses to students from ages 14 to 18 in one or more of the following topics:
·  SAT General Exam
·  SAT Subject Exam: Chemistry
·  SAT Subject Exam: Physics
·  SAT Subject Exam: Biology
·  SAT Subject Exam: Math II & I
§ The trainer will be responsible for developing the content for the selected course as per the above list.
§ Liaise with program managers to determine training needs and schedule training sessions
§ Design effective training programs 
§ Prepare educational material such as module summaries, videos etc.
Minimum requirements
-  A minimum of 3 years’ experience in teaching one of the above mentioned courses or related fields.
- Technical skills relevant to one of the aforementioned fields. 
- Ability for coaching and influencing others.
- Drive to achieve goals and help others achieve success.
- Leadership and ability to guide, direct and advise others.
- Tenacity and a proven track record of success under challenging circumstances
Minimum Skills and attributes
 -Ability to work with different age groups varying from 14-18 years old.
 -Manage and work under pressure.
 -Write reports in English language.
 -Work in different locations and areas.
 -Logical thinking with creative problem-solving ability.
 -Planning and management skills.
 -Handle sensitive situations and confidential information  in a mature and discreet manner.
 -Be well organized and has a high degree of attention to details.
Compensation and Schedule:
Coaches and Trainers will be paid on an hourly basis.
Course Period: Feb till June 2018
Working hours details:
· Total of approximately 40 hours ( 1-2 Hours a week depending on the course).
Professionals who possess the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply online on Al Nayzak website www.alnayzak.org/jobs before (2nd January 2018).