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Project Coordinator - Jerusalem RM (9 /2017)
Alnayzak Organization for Supportive Education & Scientific Innovation
Job Vacancy
Project Coordinator
Jerusalem RM (9 /2017)
Job Description:
- Full responsibility for managingprograms under his/her responsibility.
- Leading a team of entrepreneurs and supervising their work.
- Planning programs’ activities and developing action plans.
- Planning, supporting and developing innovative business ideas.
- Assist in developing the content of the programs and enriching them continuously.
- Assist in generating business models & work plans.
- Quality assurance.
- Writing narrative reports.
Minimum requirements
-Bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Electrical or Mechatronics engineering. Masters’ degree is an advantage.
-Excellent Research skills.
-Two years’ experience in projects managements or any related field.
-Excellent command of English language.
-Excellent knowledge in Microsoft Office and project management tools.
-Excellent communication skills.
-Resident of Jerusalem preferred.
Minimum Skills and attributes
-Ability to work with different age groups.
-Manage and work under pressure.
-Write reports in both languages (Arabic and English).
-Work in different locations and areas.
-Logical thinking with creative problem-solving ability.
-Planning and time management skills.
-Handle sensitive situations and confidential information in a mature and discreet manner.
-Be well organized and has a high degree of attention to details.

Professionals who possess the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply online on Al Nayzak website www.alnayzak.org/jobs before Thursday 4 January 2018, indicating the vacancy number and position.